How to Apply for International Scholarship

Applying for an international scholarship is probably a big step for your dream career. Your family’s financial incapacity for your education may lead you to give up that dream, but think again. You have a chance to pursue an International scholarship with free scholarship grants. Free scholarship applications are financial aids from the government, private non-profit organizations or simply from wealthy individuals who want to share their wealth. How can you avail of these benefits and follow your dream? Here are a few ways.

Apply to top colleges and reliable sites. You need to survey in advance which colleges and universities offer scholarship for international students. It is also good to know the kind of programs offered for each college. Once, you have picked the university fit to your skills, you need to fill up forms that you can procure from your school or download from the web. You need to take note of deadlines and pass requirements before these indicated dates. Also consider online application. Scholarships like the Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships and AIFS Study Abroad Scholarship allow online application and submission in the web.

Secure needed documents and admission requirements. The requirements may vary in each college and you have to take not of these differences. Take note of the grade requirement for each university. Questions for the required essays may also vary. If you are student applying for your university’s sister school in another country, the school may only need a few requirements for your admission.

Know the provisions of the program. Read the guidelines of the scholarship. Does the amount cover all your expenses for the entire program? Does the program offer free dormitory services? Are your vacation fees covered for the program? If you fail to reach for their quota grade, will the school give you another chance to improve them? These questions are important because you have to be on your own in another country. You might as well be prepared for every possible change that you may encounter in your schooling.

Take the screening and interview. When you are notified for the next step of interviews and screenings, take the chance then! Remember, not all applicants can go up to that round. Ask other scholars for possible questions and type of exams for the screening process. You may also want to search the reviewers and panelists for the test. Consider their personalities, worldviews and the kind of answers they want to hear. Also have a thorough review of the concepts related to your applied degree. If possible, practice your answers for the interview.

Consider other alternatives like applying for student loans. Let’s face it. Not all applicants will pass through the selection process thus you need to have a backup plan. You can still apply for an International schooling program and ask financial assistance from a government federal agency. You can also ask funds and sponsorships from wealthy persons and non-profit organizations.


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